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"I knew when I audited Adam's class, it would be beneficial for me to join.  Not only were his critiques insightful, he has a way of communicating with actors that is comprehensive and relatable.  He sees the scenes on a much deeper level and really helps you dive into the complexity of a character.  One thing I particularly enjoy is that Adam teaches lots of different techniques and exercises without marrying anyone into following one religiously.  It's about finding whatever works for you personally.  Adam has taught me the importance of character intentions and obstacles, script breakdowns, and how to find the 'hottest,' most interesting choice to bring a scene or a character to life.  Adam is so fucking dope. He totally understands actors, because he is an actor. An amazing actor.  Seriously.  Go watch 'The Gift.' Anyway, take Adam's class because you'll be like "whaaaaaat?! This guy's awesome! Fuck yeah!' #dancebreak - KIM MATULA (LA to Vegas, UnReal, Rosewood, Fighting With My Family, The Bold & The Beautiful)



“Adam's hands on experience in front of and behind the camera enables him to create a class atmosphere that is nurturing and safe for the actor. He also caters to each student's needs specifically; giving each actor the opportunity to explore his or her craft more intimately.  It is definitely a hands on experience.”  -   SEIDY LOPEZ (The Bridge, NCIS L.A., Mi Vida Loca, Training Day, Selena, House, CSI NY, Gabriella, Resurrection Blvd., House) 

“Once in a great while, an actor encounters a coach who is not only a skilled instructor and a passionate mentor, but someone who reminds the actor why he pursued this art in the first place.  Adam Lazarre-White is that kind of acting coach.  With boundless energy, and a wealth of knowledge about the craft and the business, Adam has been a tremendous inspiration to me, and a constant source of support.  He is fearless and fervent and demands nothing less from his students.  His is not a class for those who are willing to just “wing it” or rest on their laurels.  You have to put in the work.  And work.  And work.  Under Adam’s tutelage, I have grown as an actor and an artist these past three years, but more importantly, after more than a decade in the business, I’ve fallen in love with the craft all over again.” -  ROBINNE LEE  (50 Shades Darker, Being Mary Jane, The Bounce Back, 7 Pounds, Hitch, NumbErs, House of Payne, Deliver Us From Eva, Have Plenty) 

"I have had the true pleasure of working with Adam Lazarre-White for over two years and can comfortably say you will not find another individual who is as passionate and focused on helping you with your career as he is.  From acting with honesty, artistry and technique, to guidance within the industry, or a firm but comforting chat when needed, Adam is a role model artists strive to find. I have secured multiple network shows, produced my own distributed content and secured agents worldwide with Adam's coaching.  As well, the insights - specific to Auditioning, he is able to offer, is something that, without debate, has helped me tremendously.  If you are looking for honest direction, structured classes and a passion like no other, Adam Lazarre-White at ALW Acting Studios is the person. Thank you Adam!"  -  Luca Malacrino  (I'm Dying Up Here, Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds Beynd Borders, BAFTA Newcomer, Elephants [actor/writer/producer], Served [actor/writer/producer] Distant Vision [Dir: F. Coppola]) 

"Spending the last 28 years in New York and LA as a working Actor, I've been blessed to meet and work with some of the top teachers in the business.  Two years ago, I started working in Adam's class.  He’s talented, smart and very knowledgeable in all facets of the industry.  My experience has been wonderful and Adam has helped elevate my craft.”  -  BOYD KESTNER  (Acts of Violence, Rush Hour, Agents of SHIELD, Hannibal, Appaloosa, Black Hawk Down, GI Jane)


“Having worked closely with Adam Lazarre-White for many years, I cannot say that I've ever worked with anyone more committed to excellence, integrity, honesty, hard work and joy in the acting, directing, writing and producing fields than him.  His insights into the creative process are deep and complex, while at the same time he is able to communicate these insights simply and understandably to beginners as well as to seasoned professionals.  And because he has written a wonderful and original book that lucidly encompasses these insights, his fortunate students are able to carry away with them a lifetime aid and method in their pursuit of an artistic, process-oriented approach to acting.”  -  LINDSEY GINTER (Criminal Minds, Rizzoli & Isles, Transformers: Dark of The Moon, Shameless, Lost, Without a Trace, CSI, Malcolm In The Middle, SWAT, Six Feet Under, Mercury Rising, CIRCLE REP. Member) 




“Adam is a passionate, insightful, and articulate teacher who sees each student as unique. His passion comes from practice: Adam is IN THE GAME, which makes all the difference. He is out there doing the same job as we are, facing the same obstacles and opportunities. Yet he is wise enough to know that his challenges may not be the same for all.  More importantly, he is able to express and ARTICULATE what he sees in a way each individual can understand.  Two actors may need to hear the same thing, but need to hear it in different ways. Adam's way is "whatever works for you in the situation".  There is no "one true way" only TRUTH.  I learn as much off-stage as on during Adam's class.  Anyone can see the problem, but few can break it down like Adam.”  - LEITH BURKE (Parenthood, NCIS, Grey’s Anatomy, Law & Order, CSI NY, Haves & Have Nots, West Wing, Santa Cruz SHAKESPEARE Festival)






"Adam Lazarre-White is a dynamic, electrifying, soul-searing teacher and coach.  His tremendous passion is catching. Adam is able to truly see what is in your way as an actor and will dare you to clear the path to your own greatness. He has high standards for his students because he sees their potential with laser-like clarity.  He knows what it will take to get you there.  I am tremendously grateful to have been guided, challenged, and inspired by him.  He has made my acting more dangerous, more simple, more fun and more rewarding--both in the world and in my heart.” -  MONETTE MAGRATH (Weeds, Mauritius, Stick-Fly, Enchanted April, The Night Is A Child, Jake’s Closet)






“Having been with Adam for more than five years I can tell anyone interested that there is no teacher in town that is more prepared.  He knows who you are as an actor and where you should be going and he has a plan for getting you there.  He doesn't accept excuses but he isn't afraid to compliment your progress.  This is the farthest thing from one of those symbiotic guru classes.”  - ANTHONY DeSANTIS (Men Of A Certain Age, “24”, SAG Board)







“Los Angeles is rife with 'acting classes'. Most of them either concentrate on how to book the job or cold reading (which you almost never experience as an actor and if you are asked to "cold read" you can just ask for time). The trouble with these "classes" is they don't really prepare you for what to do once you actually get the job and have to, you know - ACT.  Adam's technique prepares even an untrained newbie how to break down scenes, get to the core of the character and...act. If you study with him you will be a better actor than you thought you could be.  If you are just looking to brush up and dust off some stale habits, this is the place for you.  Even if you try to hide behind "tricks" Adam will see through them and help you break yourself of them. The best kind of Scene Study is where you study the actual scene, not just prep for auditions.  Sound like I like the class?  Wrong.  I love the class.  Adam Lazarre-White took an old pro and made him love the craft again like I did when I was young. Go to him.” -  ALLEN LULU (Big Time Rush, Secret Life of an American Teenager, CSI, Southland, The Forgotten, Bruce Almighty, New Adventures of Old Christine, Friends, ‘Spokes Character’ for IBC Bank) 



"Adam provides a creative environment and applies great insight!!" - CHADWICK STRUCK - CASTING DIRECTOR

"Adam Lazarre White brings a rare specificity and passion to his work making him a particularly riveting screen presence. He brings a depth of experience to his work while making it all seem effortless." - STEVEN ADAMS MANAGEMENT

"Not only is Adam Lazarre-White a brilliant actor, but his amazing insight as an ACTING COACH brings out the brilliance in others". - NEIL BAGG – DON BUCHWALD & ASSOC.  (RIP)

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